PJ Lynch – ‘From Life’

PJ Lynch – ‘From Life’

Artform Dunmore East School of Art

Date: 26th – 29th November

Medium: Oils, Charcoal

Participants: maximum 10

Course level: Beginners – Advanced

Contact +353 (0)87 7213146

Course cost: 450 EUR

Throughout my career as an illustrator, I have continued to paint and draw regularly from life as a way of keeping my skills honed, however, in recent years I paint and draw more and more just for the challenge, and for the sheer love of it. I want to share my passion for representational art with the artists who join my course.

We will paint in oils and draw in charcoal, and our subjects will be people and places and objects. We will work hard, we will learn techniques and theories, and, I promise, we will have a lot of fun too.