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Mentor: Paul Christopher Flynn

Seminar Date: 22 February 2020
Time: 11am – 5pm
Participants: Maximum 12
Course Cost: €250

After studying fine art at NCAD, Paul Christopher Flynn spent twenty years in business in the United States and Asia. In 2003, he returned to Ireland where he began painting for the first time in twenty years. What began as a hobby had by 2005 become a full time career as painter.
Paul’s work is represented in high profile civic, corporate and private collections worldwide. He has held exhibitions as far afield as Beijing and Los Angeles and he has completed many large scale commissions, including most recently over 200 large canvasses for a corporate client.
For most of his art career, Paul has managed without agents or galleries, instead using the experience and techniques gained in a twenty year career in one of the most high pressure sales businesses in the world to develop a successful art practice.

Seminar concept

Artform presents a day-seminar led by Paul Christopher Flynn.
“We didn’t set out to become the second biggest band in the world.”
– Roger Taylor (Queen)

If you believe that your art could and should provide you with a higher income, a day working with Paul could be the first step toward realising that goal.  Spaces are limited to allow for both – group and individual work. Themes covered during the seminar:

  1. Defining Goals – what do you want to get from your art?
  2. Outlining Plans – how to turn paintings into cash flow.
  3. Paperwork and Records – finances, stocks, galleries, Revenue.
  4. The product and how to present it – once it is signed, it is a commodity.
  5. Galleries – why I don’t but why you should.
  6. Marketing – your art voice.
  7. Sales ‘A, B, C’ –  soft sell/hard sell.  Faith in the work and in yourself.
  8. Values Added – customer service.
  9. Refining Goals – use your mistakes.
  10. Charities – don’t do it for the exposure, do it for the right reasons.
You are invited to bring a painting to sell, and dress as you would dress to sell it.

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The Artist as Entrepreneur - Paul Christopher Flynn250.00

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