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Artist: Dave Duffy

Course Date: 18th-20th October 2024
 Coloured Pencils
Participants: Maximum 10
Course level: Beginners – Advanced
Course Cost: €370

Dave comes from Enniscorthy, County Wexford and has gained critical acclaim worldwide for his hyper-realistic portraits and online viral videos. Dave has portrayed Irish legends Paul O’Connell, Katie Taylor, actress Claire Skinner and Olympian Dame Mary Peters, among many others. Most recently he was invited by Sky Arts to bring his unusual method to their acclaimed show “Portrait Artist Of The Year”. Dave has been featured in countless publications such as Coloured Pencil Magazine (USA),

Course Concept

Dave works in a variety of traditional media from oils to street art. For the purpose of this course, he will be using his trademark “colour layering” technique in coloured pencils, which he perfected over the years. The technique will be demonstrated to create complex colours and accurate skin-tone effects ideal for portraiture but useful across a variety of subjects and media. The goal of the course will be creating a photo-realistic rendition of the human face and Dave will guide the participants towards it step by step. He will show how to hold the pencils for drawing a variety of subjects and show how to use a blender and an electric eraser. He will gradually introduce essential elements such as line, gradient and texture, and propose a series of exercises before tackling a full portrait. Participants will practice drawing gradients and layering opaque and translucent colours in order to get used to the medium. Dave will, on the example of a sphere, help the participants grasp the concept of light and shadow, which they will be asked to practice on an apple still life exercise before moving onto a first attempt to human face. They will then be guided through drawing individual features and elements of the human head and hopefully come away with a finished or semi-finished portrait, and mainly a solid grasp of how to use this interesting and versatile medium. Artists of all ages and skill levels are welcome: Dave will take great care to spend time with each participant individually and accompany them through the course as required.

* The course takes place in Artform modern light-filled seaside studio with 24hr access for each visiting artist, and runs from 11am to 5pm on the first day and from 10am to 4pm on the subsequent days. On request, Artform offers artist accommodation options. Details on art materials will be provided after signing up to the course.

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Portrait in Colouring Pencils - Dave Duffy, Artform370.00

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