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Artist: Justin Laffan

Course Date: 7th – 8th March
Justin Laffan
Mixed media
Maximum 8
Course level:
Beginners – Advanced
Course Cost:

Justin Laffan, born1952, son of George Laffan sculptor and art dealer. He was exposed to art from an early age and went to the National Collage of Art in the early 1970s. Justin worked in the Dublin Art Foundry casting bronze with John Behan.

Justin went to California in the mid 70s and worked with a conceptual art group, where he soon realized that ideas were not all important and that that the material must speak as well. On his return he helped promote a revival of stone carving in Ireland, with the Independent Artists sculpture group.
Justin Laffan grew up in a world of art; his father George was a sculptor, and an art dealer. He has a great understanding of materials and how to use them. His skills extend beyond sculpture; he is an accomplished art conservator and restorer. His work is also in great demand from interior designers.
The execution of his work is fast and intense from clear ideas. He is fascinated with the ageing process of his materials which give his work a timeless quality, never influenced by fashion. He has a great love of animal forms which gives his work a sense of fun and love of life.
He has undertaken public and private commissions and his work is in collections both here and abroad.

Course Concept

This course is a quick introduction to sculpture, outlining straightforward approaches in putting ideas into 3 dimensions.

Starting with an idea, maybe a photo, it leads in a sequence of steps to solid models. From a rough scribble to 3d in modelling clay, then onto a wire support with some; wood, add some glue, paper, fabric, filler, plaster, wire, chicken wire and before long any form or shape can quickly materialize.

This course is open to anyone, and any level of skill, as the emphasis is on turning ideas into 3 dimensional models fast, with simple and easily available materials.

Its best that participants wear old clothes as some materials can be a bit messy. Also it is a great help if people coming have some sort of an idea, of what they would like to make before starting. They can then get straight to work without having to lose time pondering and deliberating.

This sculpture course is great fun, it is loaded with new ideas, new approaches and challenges.

* Cost does not include accommodation. Artform also provide an artist accommodation package.
Details on art materials required to participate in the course will be provided after signing up to the course. Course takes place in the modern, light-filled Artform seaside studio with 24hr access for each visiting artist.

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