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Date: 27th – 28th July
Artist: Bridget Flannery
Medium: Mixed media
Participants: Maximum 10
Course level: All levels

Born in Cork and graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 1981. A regular exhibitor with the RHA Open Exhibition, Flannery has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1981. Her most recent exhibition is part of MAKingArt: PAINTing at Draíocht Arts Centre in 2019. Her work is held in many of Ireland’s public collections including the Office of Public Works, Wexford County Council and University College Cork. She lives in Carlow with her husband sculptor Robert Frazier and their family.

Course Concept

To work from the natural landscape using quick sketches, drawings and collages to build towards a series of mixed media paintings that reflect a personal experience of the landscape, strandscape.

2 day workshop – first day would be outside sketching, drawing, collaging from the landscape, if the weather is bad this day would be used to work inside looking out at the landscape through the framework of windows, doorways etc.
The second day would be spent working from these sketches to make larger work that explores a personal response to being outside. Work will be made indoors and outdoors.

Mixed media painting exploring collage, pastel and water-based materials e.g. acrylic, watercolour, gouache, ink.
Papers of all kinds, canvas, wood panels (plywood and mdf offcuts are great) all water based painting materials. I have a large stock of papers which I can bring with me.

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