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Date: 17th – 20th September 2024
Artist: Keiko Tanabe
Medium: Watercolour
Participants: Maximum 12
Course level: Intermediate and advanced

Mostly self-taught, she embarked on a professional art career in 2005.  Since then, her paintings have been in many national and international exhibitions, both juried and invitational, and gained world-wide recognitions.  Her work has been purchased by private and corporate collectors from all around the world.  She also had her paintings published and featured in leading art magazines and a number of publications in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  A sought-after workshop instructor since 2011, she has conducted numerous workshops around the world.  Artform is delighted to welcome Keiko to Dunmore East.

Course Concept

‘When I see an interesting pattern of light and dark creating a certain mood, I stop and observe because something evocative about it inspires me and speaks to me.  When I paint, I try to be as true as possible to my inspiration.  When I succeed, I am treated to the magic that brushes can do – because, together with water, my brushstrokes surprise me by exposing something of my inner spirit I was not even aware of.’

This workshop is designed for those who would like to gain a better understanding of methods and techniques to make a watercolor painting that is simple yet strong.  The goal is to capture the essence of the subject that conveys a certain mood and atmosphere.  The process of simplification begins with visualization.  In representational art, this ability to see the end result of a painting, through the mind’s eye, is instrumental in realizing an artist’s vision.  The ability to do so and quickly is especially useful when painting en plein air but it is also quite helpful even when one paints from a photo.  Through various exercises and step-by-step demonstrations, Keiko will show you how to take the initial inspiration, through the simplification process, to an expressive painting that is strong in composition and content.

The course is primarily designed for the outdoors. Keiko’s tuition will consist in painting demonstrations and theory sessions, alternating outdoor and studio time. Through demonstrations, various subjects and locations will be explored for the participants to learn how to capture light and atmosphere specific to each place. After each demonstration, Keiko will work individually with each participants as they develop their paintings. Her aim will be to help identify and resolve each participating artist’s difficulties, assist them to further advance their technical skills and refine their style.

* The course takes place in the beautiful village of Dunmore East and in Artform modern light-filled studio with 24hr access for each visiting artist, and runs from 11am to 5pm on the first day and from 10am to 4pm on the subsequent days. Cost does not include accommodation, on request Artform offers artist accommodation options. Details on art materials will be provided after signing up to the course.

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