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Date: 12th Oct – 14th Oct 2019
Medium: Graphite, Charcoal, Coloured pencils, Drawing pens
Participants: maximum 8
Course level: Beginners – Advanced

Catherine Barron is a working artist, writer and arts facilitator with over 30 years experience and, a leading exponent of acrylic ink gaining several awards for her work in this medium over the past decade.

She was shortlisted for the Hennessy portrait prize at the National Gallery of Ireland in 2015. She won the Adams award at the RHA in 2014 and the DeVeres award in 2015.

Catherine is passionate about bringing a depth of engagement to the learning experience, marrying focused technical skills practice with an immersive experience of creativity.

Catherine’s work is present in many public and private collections including the OPW, the department of education, the bank of Ireland and the national self-portrait collection.

Course Concept

Over the course of 3 days each student will be equipped with the skill and knowledge to pursue their own creative potential through drawing.

Each student will leave with:

new and honed skills in a variety of technical areas in drawing as well as new insights on how to locate and appreciate self-knowledge and authenticity. a large volume of works made during the week through a variety of drawing exercises, processes and experiences.
The course will evolve over 3 days as follows:

  • Day 1: All about Instinct
  • Day 2: All about Skill
  • Day 3: All about Creativity
We will conclude with an exhibition and discussion on where to go from here. How to soar and reach new heights. The sky is the limit but inner space has no boundaries!

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